Welcome to Loved Garms, the home of beautifully unique handmade clothing. I hope you find something you like, I also offer a bespoke custom service for even more garment options.

All garments are made to order, normally within 1-2 weeks. They are sent out in plastic free packaging. I also offer a range of eco friendly reusable products too.

Here at Loved Garms I am always super busy with orders, so alongside the website offerings, I have decided to release only a few custom order slots each month so I can focus on what I do best, sewing your beautiful unique made to measure items without worrying about being swamped, after all, I am but one woman, a work from home mum at that.

So, if you are wanting something super special, please pop me a message, but first, have a flick through my facebook or instagram for inspiration, I am happy to work with you to make a perfect item. Whether it be for a special occasion, odd sizing, matchy matchy, or far out fabric combos, I’m all ears. So grab a tape measure, jot down waist, bust, hips, possibly hem lengths, torso lengths, limb lengths….. Think about garment type, fabric choices…. let your imagination run wild…